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How Landlords Can Check a Tenant's Credit Report

You can no longer just accept the word of an applicant that the premises will be taken care of, that the prospective tenant will pay rent when due and that the applicant has no serious criminal history. You also do not want someone living in your property that is known for damaging rental properties, who allows several people in addition to those on the lease to reside at the property or who has a reputation for disturbing neighbors.

Unless a tenant has had to answer in court previously for such actions, these types of offenses are not going to show up in a criminal background check alone. Start screening your tenant now! It is imperative that landlords utilize American Apartment Owners Association. Screen for much more than just a local criminal background check; screen for criminal records nationwide, including for offenses related to terrorism or sex offender crimes.

The reason landlords and property managers choose to run tenant screenings is to protect their property and their business. Background checks and application fees are a method of narrowing the applicant field so that they only receive serious applicants who are less likely to have something questionable come up during their screening.

Others may choose not to use screening services at all. Background checks and screenings are allowed for rentals, but some states have regulations regarding how much an applicant can be charged.

Know what to expect

If you have questions about anything, you should consult professional legal counsel with experience in your area. Most people trying to rent an apartment are more concerned about the credit report than anything else. Can a bad credit score affect your ability to rent? If your score took a hit due to job loss or the recession, anyone reviewing your credit report should be able to tell and consider that accordingly.

Tenant Background Screening Service

How Background Checks Benefit You The reason landlords and property managers choose to run tenant screenings is to protect their property and their business. Laws and rental regulations vary by state.

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