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What does EverLog Siding cost? Contact Us or call today at Is EverLog Siding made of fiber cement? Is steel used to reinforce EverLog Siding? This is not an acceptable industry practice. Who applies the siding? What can EverLog Siding be applied to? What is your service area? What does a piece of EverLog Siding weigh?

How are doors and window openings handled? Is EverLog Siding pre-finished? What colors are available? How long does it take to get the siding package? How is EverLog Siding packaged? Does the siding have to be chinked?

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Click to view larger version. The Caddis SQ. Log Home Floor Plans.

The Stone Fly SQ. The Lake Cabin 1, SQ. The Lookout 1, SQ. Push the pry bar under the top piece of siding and pry it out carefully in several places. Slip the saw under the board and cut all nails.

This makes it easier to remove the boards. You will encounter window casing boards and door trim boards. Pry them loose and cut the nails with the saw.

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Pull the nails with a hammer or pliers and toss the boards in the truck or trailer. It may be safer to pass the siding one board at a time to another worker. When the siding is removed down to the ladder or scaffold, lower the ladder or scaffold and keep going. Be careful with the material under the siding and try not to disrupt it unless you also want it removed. When finished, go to the next wall and repeat the process. Pick up the nails and be careful around utility meters.

Classic House Style With Montebello Vinyl Log Siding

Removing aluminum and vinyl siding is not a complicated process. In most cases the siding was installed on old wood siding. It was easier to leave the old siding on and provide a surface to attach the aluminum or vinyl. Some repair work may be necessary if the old siding is damaged in places. Start gently by peeling back a corner piece to see what is underneath — it may not be solid wood. Both types of siding were nailed and hooked together. Use something small to pry a piece loose and unzip it horizontally across the length of the siding piece.

Now you can see the nails and remove them carefully. Next remove the nailing channels, facia, and soffits. Take off the trim around doors, windows, and other parts of the walls. There may be insulation or some type of house wrap to remove. Discard after removing. Sand down the old wood siding where needed and patch any nail holes that need it. Put the siding being removed in a stack out of the way.

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Protect it as much as possible because it will be reused as siding or converted into something else at the recycle center or a manufacturing facility. Decide if you will transport the old siding to a recycle center or have them come to your house.

Siding Basics and Styles:

If there are several recycling businesses in the general area call all of them to determine their requirements for sizes, weights, materials accepted, and prices they will pay you. Previous Next. Vinyl log siding looks just like real Cedar logs. It is less expensive than real Cedar logs, requires much less maintenance than real wood, and is resistant to rain, snow, harsh winter winds and never needs painting. The real Cedar look allows the homeowner to create that rustic outdoor look everyone loves. All without the high cost and high maintenance of cedar logs.

Easy to install and can be applied by any good vinyl siding contractor. It comes with a factory applied foam layer behind the curve that add stability and strength to the panel. The foam layer also adds thermal qualities to the siding making it more energy efficient therefore saving you on your energy costs. This usually does not cover all the labor costs involved however.

How to Install Log Siding