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From forward, the birth indexes are arranged alphabetically by name. Each borough is indexed separately, one volume per year. These indexes contain the child's name, date of birth, and certificate number.

The marriages are indexed by the grooms' name. There is also a separate series of "Bride's Index Cards" for each borough. The marriage indexes for Manhattan and Brooklyn prior to can be difficult to use, because each month and borough is indexed separately.

Promoting and Protecting the City's Health

If you know only the year of a marriage, you might have to search 24 indexes 2 boroughs x 12 months! The indexes list the groom's name, date of marriage, and certificate number.

How to Apostille a Birth Certificate issued in Rockland County New York

Beginning in , Manhattan and Brooklyn marriage indexes are arranged in a strict alphabetical sequence, one index per borough per year. The other 3 boroughs are also arranged this way, beginning in For each borough, there is also a set of " Bride's Index Cards ". These handwritten 3x5 cards are arranged alphabetically by the bride's name, one sequence for each year. Each card contains ten entries, one per line.

Each entry contains the bride's name, the date of marriage and certificate number. Only Manhattan is covered for to , with a separate index for each month.

Replace a lost New York City Birth Certificate

For , there are alphabetical annual indexes for Brooklyn. After , all five boroughs are included. Each borough is indexed in a separate annual volume. For to , Manhattan and Brooklyn have an index for each month, and the other three boroughs each have one sequence for the entire year. After , there is one annual index for each borough. NOTE: All of the indexes are for events reported in the given year. Some events which happened at the end of a year were written up in the registers for the following year.

Birth Certificates - New York State Department of Health

Therefore, when looking for an event, be sure to check the following year also. Once you've found an index entry for an event of interest, write down the date , borough and certificate number. The county names for the five boroughs of New York City are:. My Father was born in in brooklyn or queens and my mother in brooklyn in I am there oldest child. I requested a birht certificate from the NYC Department of health and they replied that I was not eligible to receive their birth certificate.

The only eligible people that could request the certificates are their parent and them.

  • Index to New York State Births (Outside of New York City), 1881-1942.
  • Index to New York State Births (Outside of New York City), | Reclaim The Records.
  • Marriage Indexes.
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Can anyone recommend a way I can obtain these certificates. Thank You. They charge extra per-borough that they need to search, so if you know the relative is from Brooklyn, you're a step ahead!

Finding New York Birth, Marriage, and Death Records

Just remember that the Bronx was considered part of the borough of Manhattan in I know that my nephew just recently was able to obtain his father's birth certificate showing proof that he was his father's son. Let me know if I can help in any way.

Obtain a new New York City (NY) Birth Certificate

Did they come from sicily? I be happy to find and help you locate this. Otherwise there are more directions on how to get them.

I've also found that this is the cheapest website for ordering them. Good luck! I am waiting on grandmother's death certificate from NYC Dept. Of Health.